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Tracebook is a database of loudspeaker measurements. The frequency range of the speaker and delay characteristics are measured. The measurements are known are traces.

If you are looking for real-world reference data that you can import into your audio analyzer, you're in the right place. (297 approved measurements!)

Tracebook is an independent public non-profit community that promotes the open exchange of loudspeaker system reference data measured by audio professionals for audio professionals (4298 strong).

Magnitude Chart


The chart shows the magnitude response of the loudspeaker by frequency. This is sometimes known as the frequency response. This shows how loud the speaker response is at different frequencies with the range of human hearing.


Coherence is a measure of the quality of the measurement. Quality can be degraded by sound reflections off the floor and walls. These extraneous sounds can interfere with the accurate measurement of the speaker. Using the coherence slider can show only information that meets a coherence level.

Phase Chart


This chart shows the phase angle for each frequency. Phase information can be used to ensure the correct timing between speakers. The result of a polarity inversion can be shown by using the invert toggle.

Delayed Phase

The result of the delayed phase can be shown in relation to the original measured phase by using the delay slider.

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